CFIA Acts and Regulation

Plant Protection Act

Seeds Act

Seeds Regulations


CFIA Plant Policy Directives

Plant Protection Policy Directives

Seed Potato Certification Program - Bacterial ring rot testing program for field grown seed potatoes

Seed Potato Certification Program - Requirements for the production of Pre-Elite seed potatoes from sources other than Nuclear Stock

Seed Potato Certification Program - Investigation Procedure after Clavibacter Michiganensis Subsp. Sepedonicus Has Been Detected on a Seed Potato Farming Unit

Seed Potato Certification Program - Submission/Refund of Fees for Field Inspection

Production, Maintenance, Multiplication and Certification of Nuclear Stock Class Seed Potatoes

Import Requirements for Seed Potatoes and Other Potato Propagative Material


General Potato Information

Canadian Potato Varieties

Effect of Glyphosate on Potatoes - Slide Presentation by Andrew P. Robinson, Ph.D.

Effect of Glyphosate on Potatoes - PDF Paper by Andrew P. Robinson, Ph.D.


Pest Management

Pests Regulated by Canada

Managing Potato Virus Y in Seed Potato Production

A Literature Review of Insecticide & Mineral Oil Use in Preventing the Spread of Non-persistent Viruses in Potato Crops - British Potato Council

Aphids & Virus Transmission in Seed Potatoes - British Potato Council

Integrated Pest Management of PLRV and PVY

Commercial Potato Production Disease Management

Virus & Viroid Diseases of Potato - Cornell University

Detection of Potato Diseases & Defects - Cornell University

BRR - Review Paper

BRR - B.C. Ministry of Agriculture & Lands

BRR - Alberta Agriculture & Rural Development

Late Blight - B.C. Ministry of Agriculture & Lands

Golden Nematode - CFIA

Golden Nematode - B.C. Ministry of Agriculture & Lands

Potato Mop-Top Virus (PMTV) - CFIA

Potato Mop-Top Virus (PMTV) Project Report - British Potato Council

Potato Wart or Potato Canker - CFIA

Potato Wart - B.C. Ministry of Agriculture & Lands


Small Fruit

Blueberry Scorch Virus - B.C. Ministry of Agriculture & Lands

Blueberry Disease Poster

Raspberry Bushy Dwarf Virus - B.C. Mininstry of Agriculture & Lands

Raspberry Disease Poster

Strawberry Disease Poster


Plant Pathology

Canadian Phytopathological Society

APSnet - Plant Pathology Online

The Plant Pathology Internet Guidebook

All the Virology on the WWW