Dry Sample
Dry sample in good condition. Sample should be free from deterioration, rot or damage.
Sizing Samples

Samples should be golf ball sized or between 1-2 ounces. This allows for more efficient sample handling and testing.

14 gallon/53 Litre Rubbermaid Roughneck Tote

Durable shipping container.

We prefer samples to be shipped in Rubbermaid Roughneck Totes of the (14 gal / 53 L size). If the sample does not fit in this size of container it will not fit in our testing storage racks.

Post Harvest ID Tag
Post Harvest Testing Sample Tag. DOWNLOAD HERE.
Post Harvest Samples Breaking Dormancy

Make sure the sample is in good condition and dry. Wrap the sample in burlap to protect it during shipping and storage.

Pack the sample and the identification tag into a durable container for shipping.

Insulating Shipments

Insulate the shipping package if there is any chance of freezing. Freezing of samples during shipping happens more frequently than expected.

We suggest using Rubbermaid Totes insulated with several layers of burlap sacking or with several layers of cardboard.



As styrofoam is difficult to recycle, we ask that clients avoid using it to ship.

FedExDHL Shipping

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Ship with a dependable carrier.

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Frozen Potatoes

Frozen potatoes. Complete deterioration of sample. Very common and very easy to avoid with proper insulation of shipping containers.

Result: Untestable material. Sample will have to be re-collected and shipped again.

Rotten Potatoes

Rotten, slimy potatoes. Shipped wet and in poor condition.

Result: Untestable material. Sample will have to be re-collected and shipped again.

 Cardboard Box Falling Apart

Flimsy, inadequate shipping containers. Please ship in containers that will arrive in one piece.

Result: Lost, mixed, or damaged samples. Samples may have to be re-collected and shipped again.

Illegible identification tag

Wet illegible tags. Please make sure the sample tag is waterproofed in some way before putting it in with the sample, wrapping the tag in saran wrap, laminating it or placing it in a separate bag are all effective methods.

Result: Tags will have to be filled out again, signed and mailed before testing of samples can occur.

Post Harvest ID Tag

Blank or missing sample tags. Please ensure that all information is filled out and that there is a signature on every tag.

Result: Tags will have to be filled out, signed and mailed before testing of samples can occur.

Cutting post harvest samples.
A note on scooping out the potato eyes, cutting the ends off the samples or halving the potatoes for Post Harvest testing. Although this method will save on shipping weight, these samples are much more susceptible to decomposition and rot. We ask that clients ship small potatoes that are undamaged for best Post Harvest testing results.
Samples for Post Harvest Testing